"I didn’t really know what to expect from Diamond ACT but was willing to try anything to make myself feel safer, I thought I’d maybe learn some defensive techniques so that if I’m ever attacked I could defend myself but I got so much more than that, for the first time in my life I am confident, I am brave, I set boundaries and I use my voice to say No to the things I don’t want or things I won’t tolerate, I also know that if No doesn’t work I have the skills I’ve learned to protect myself and get away safely. I’m so grateful to Diamond ACT for helping me get my life back"  Elaine

 "When I arrived at Elisha's I admittedly didn't know what to expect. I've been doing a lot of personal development over the last few years, however, what Elisha and Adam brought out while working with me was something on a whole new level!!! To be a grown woman and to finally have the ability to say 'no' and understand the power of no and to say it like i mean it, has been life changing for me. To be shown how to use my voice, my body language and my body to project my personal power is liberating to say the least, as well as an aid to expressing and embracing all parts of myself.

The way Elisha and Adam work both allowed me to feel safe as well as confident. The unity of how they work together, with me in the centre, allowed me to feel empowered and gave me the opportunity to break through some barriers i'd created over my life time.

I couldn't recommend them enough. Their approach is professional and clear as well as personal and caring." Willow

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